Sweet Endings to Amazing Weddings & Events

The concept of offering a favor or thank you to guests that attend your event originating sometime in the 16th century when households would create amazing displays of confectionery delights to give to their guests. Sugar was the primary ingredient, as it was considered a mark of wealth, especially when used in a non-ordinary meal.

Favors have evolved from these displays of “wealth” to anything from CD’s of personal song favorites (no longer the popular choice since obtaining the copyrights to all of those songs is virtually impossible) to personalized chochkeeies (no longer a popular choice as most guests don’t want something with your name and wedding date on it) to the strange such as beer koozies.

Lately, we have seen a throwback to the culinary favors that are fully edible either the night of the event or to take home and enjoy within a short period of time after the event. Some of our favorites double as a late night snack to sustain guests for the night of dancing.

 Cake Pops

Cute bite sized portions of cake complete with frosting, cake pops can be made in a variety of flavors and colors and can be served as part of the dessert course or wrapped in cellophane and given to take home and enjoy on the drive.

Latest trend – using cake pops as escort cards.

Custom Lollipops

Available in tons of flavor and color combinations, a custom lollipop can be made in sizes that range from 1” up to the gigantic size of 9"!! We love being able to customize most flavors to any color to coordinate with most event’s color schemes and still be a flavor loved by almost everyone.

Latest trend – using lollipops as save the dates.


Used in beautiful displays and as a fun and whimsical alternative to the traditional cake, cupcakes are taking the event scene by storm.  Available in a variety of flavors from the traditional chocolate to the untraditional bacon maple pancake, cupcakes provide just the right amount of deliciousness for everyone.

Latest trend – having a traditional top layer of cake to cut and cupcakes for guests.

Mini Pies

Still a sleeper favor, mini pies and pies on a stick are being to appear on the event scene, especially those events that have a rustic or outdoor theme.

Latest trend – allowing guests to choose a flavor at the time they RSVP to have ready at the event.


Cookies have been making slow but steady in roads into the realm of edible favors. Cookie bars work especially well for people that don’t have a particular fondness for cakes and the traditional desserts. Because they can be made in smaller quantities, cookie bars also lend themselves well to special dietary considerations.

Latest trend – prepackaged variety boxes of bite sized favorites.

Individual Desserts

The possibilities are endless when you select to provide individual desserts to your guests. Anything goes from fresh fruit tartlets to mini cheesecakes to muffins and chocolate covered strawberries. A good balance for the table is essential, so choose carefully when creating an individual dessert table for your guests.

Latest trend – bringing out the dessert table halfway through the reception to allow guests to refuel and continue into the night.


A relative unknown to the favor world, shortcake bars are a unique and beautiful addition to any event. Handmade shortcakes coupled with fresh fruit and sweet whipped cream, shortcake bars allow each guest to select their favorite combinations and enjoy a sweet reminder of long summers and lazy days.

Latest trend – offering guests the ability to select and then package their favorites to take home.

Frozen Yogurt

Seemingly overnight, the world was populated by self-serve frozen yogurt shops. Bring a little of this phenomenon to your event by offering a few frozen yogurt flavors and a variety of toppings, bottomings and in-betweenings.

Latest trend – prepackaged custom flavors designed by you!


A reminder of summer nights spent camping under the stars, smore’s bring sticky smiles to all of your guests. This favor option is best accomplished by having a designated attendant at the setup to aid in the creation of these sweet bites and to keep an eye on the heat source.

Latest trend – create a take home version with a graham cracker, chocolate bar and marshmallow with instruction on how to create a microwave version of this perennial favorite.

Custom gourmet popcorn/trail mix

For an amazing non-sugar option, allow your guest to create their own flavored popcorn or trail mix. Provide a cute personalized bag and tons of options, a quick set of directions on how to create the mix and let your guests go to it.

Latest trend – provide a couple of “recipes” for favorite combinations and have guests vote on the best selection.

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