7 Questions I Wish Every Wedding Planning Client Would Ask

Hiring wedding vendors can be stressful, heck getting married can be stressful. One of the best decisions I feel (and yes, I am a little biased) is to hire a planner/coordinator. Even if it is just to help for the wedding day.

Helping clients plan and execute the vision in their heads is the main duty of a coordinator. Keeping everything running smoothly, taking care of the other vendors (notice I did not say bully and boss around the other vendors), ensuring that all the little things and big things are all working together to create that dream moment.

Because your coordinator is such an integral part of your wedding day, and the emotional days leading up to THE DAY, you must feel comfortable with the person you select. They will see you in all of your emotional states and you need to KNOW that they can handle anything that comes their way.

hat being said, I really wish my potential clients would ask me (or anyone else they may be looking to hire) these questions –

1. The venue provides a coordinator, so why would I need to pay additional money to hire you?

  • Not to knock venue coordinators, they are amazing at what they do, which is coordinate the items that directly affect the VENUE. They won’t come to know you, most promise the moon and provide moon pies. Décor assistance, setup, tear down, vendor coordination, assistance with the ceremony items, emergency tasks and making sure Aunt Sue is comfortable are outside of the scope of their job description.

2. Does Day of Coordination really mean help on the wedding day only?

  • This is a total misnomer. Day of Coordinators usually begin assisting the couple about a month before the wedding. We gather contracts, contact vendors, assist in the timeline and help with the rehearsal. Some will put together small last minute projects, pick up missing items on the way to the site and make sure that everything is in place. Most Day of Coordinators routinely spend 25 hours on a couple.

3. I have a friend/family member that is super organized, they can do this for free, right?

  • Sure, they might be able to pull it off, but would you really want to ask a guest that has taken time away from their regular routine, possibly taken time off from work, spent money on clothes and a gift, possible airfare and a hotel, to handle everything that may come up? Essentially, to work your wedding versus enjoying your moments with you? They may have the best intentions when they offer to help, but be gracious and tell them you want them there as a guest, not as an employee.

4. Do you have insurance?

  • Sounds silly, but you need to ask. If they are doing any decorating or transporting of any of your items, you want to know that if anything were to happen, it is covered.

5. Who should I bring to my interview?

  • We ask that it be you and your fiancé. While the support and encouragement of your friends and families is important, at least the initial meeting needs to be between the three of us. Again, we are with you on the most emotional day of your lives (up to that point), get to know us one on one, before we get to meet the family and friends.

6. How do I know if I want full planning, partial planning, Month of Coordination or Day of Coordination?

  • A full planner is fully involved in your wedding planning. They attend vendor meetings, tastings, take part in design meetings and touch every aspect of your event.
  • A partial planner is involved in limited aspects of your wedding. They will help with design questions, take part in the execution of ideas and help as needed.
  • A Month of Coordinator (again a misnomer) has a more in-depth role than a Day of Coordinator. They create and maintain a timeline, help with vendor final decisions and coordinate any last minute details and projects.
  • A Day of Coordinator comes in about a month before the wedding and coordinates the rehearsal, contacts the vendors to see if there are any last minute details need to be taken care of and ensures that everything you have contracted for you receive.

7. Sounds great, but how do I know it will really work out?

  • A good planner will have references, testimonials, reviews and other business items to show legitimacy. They should have valuable worksheets and helpful tips to use when selecting other vendors. They should have an extensive vendor referral network with all levels of budgets represented. Communication should be open and timely. Do your research - check their business licensing and association listings. Ask for referrals. Get everything in writing and if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

Remember, if you have any doubts, you need to keep looking. An okay fit just doesn’t work, you need a perfect fit and need to feel relaxed and confident that everything is under control.

Sweet I Do's is a wedding planning company located in Surprise, AZ (a suburb of Phoenix). We specialize in wedding day management (also known as day of coordination). We help you create an amazing, unique and totally "you" wedding that allows you to be in the moments making the memories, not worrying about the details. From contract review and timeline creation to day of management, set up and tear down, we're focused on ensuring our couples, their families and friends experience a stress and worry free night to remember.