Thank You Notes - A Wedding Planner's Perspective

“It’s never wrong to send a written thank-you and people always appreciate getting “thanks” in writing.”
Emily Post, Etiquette Guru

From a vendor perspective the last part about being appreciated is so very true! Often times your wedding vendors will not see you on your wedding day unless they are a service provider and even then, you may be so caught up in the whirlwind of the day that you may not get a chance to say thank you. I understand that they are your vendors, performing a service that you paid them to provide, but a simple, heartfelt thank you goes a long way into telling them that you saw and appreciated all of the hard work that went into making your day amazing.

 Who should you send a thank you note to? 

All of your vendors would LOVE to receive a sweet note from you telling them what a fantastic job they did and thanking them for helping to make your day special. However, if the thought of writing one more thank you note makes you cringe, please try to send a note to those vendors that went above and beyond their contract, went out of their way to ensure that your day went perfectly or made you feel like the center of the universe for a brief moment.

 When should you send the thank you note? 

To make things easy on yourself, send them at the same time you are sending out the thank you notes to your guests. If the thought slipped your mind, send one now. Thanking someone never goes out of style, no matter if they were your wedding vendor last weekend or you were reminiscing about your wedding with your daughter 10 years later.

 Why should you send a thank you note? 

Thanking a vendor lets them know that you appreciated the work that was performed. It validates them as a business and lets them showcase your thanks to potential clients. A few sentences in an email, note card or letter can brighten a vendors day, week or even year.

 What can I do if I am just not a note writer? 

The next best thing to sending a thank you note is to go and review your vendors online (if you can write both a short note and post a review). Testimonials and reviews are very important to prospective clients and can sometimes sway the decision in favor of your favorite vendor. Highlight all the amazing qualities that made you select your vendors in the first place.

 Does it have to be a thank you note? 

Of course not! There are others ways to thank your vendors. Post a brief sentence or two on their Facebook page. Follow their blog and if they post about your wedding, add a quick comment. If their website has a comment or review section, take a quick moment and say thanks! Send an email or text and let them know that you wanted to tell them just how much they made your day. Pick up the phone and say hi and thank them. If you were super impressed by their service offer to create a video testimonial or be used as a reference.

 In the end, a vendor is just like you, a person that wants to know they did a great job and that you appreciate them. Reach out and thank a vendor today!

For tips on writing thank you notes and “proper” etiquette, visit Emily Post at

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