10 Things Your Coordinator Does For You - In's and Out's of Wedding Coordinators and Planners

So many couples that I have spoken with tell me the reason they didn't think they needed a coordinator or planner is because they think it is either A) only for those with large budgets or B) they have a venue coordinator that will take care of everything (that is a whole different blog post).

There isn't a bigger myth out there (other than the one that if you say the word "wedding" everything automatically doubles in cost (never mind that the amount of work, details and other wedding only moments contribute to that cost)) than assuming that hiring a planner or coordinator is only for those with a big budget. There is a planner out there for every budget, but like everything else, you need to shop around. Maybe all you need is a consultation to help with a few of the sticky details or someone that can take it on from the beginning or somewhere in between. Let's talk about that full service planner and the benefits to hiring someone from the very beginning.

1. Budget

Your planner will help you set up a budget (based on your total wedding budget) that takes into account your must haves, your wants and your could care lesses. And then they will help you make decisions that keep the budget in mind.

2. Opinions

An amazing planner will be able to give you an impartial opinion on something that is part of a very emotional event, without making you feel like they are taking over your wedding or making it all about them.

3. Schedule

Planners know what needs to happen when when it is time to be looking and booking elements of your wedding. We know you are excited about planning your honeymoon, but we need to make sure your meal selection has been finalized long before you decide if it is a beach or cabin honeymoon.

4. Vendors

Booking a planner means you get more than that person and their staff, you get access to the hundreds of vendors that they know and love. Instead of slogging through 30 photographers trying to find one in your budget with a style you love, they will give you a list of three or four that are perfect for you (and they have already verified are available on your date). Then you just meet with them and find the one that clicks with you. And even better, you get access to our discounts and planner only packages.

5. Knowledge

A planner will be able to translate your vision into reality. Asking the right questions, knowing what works and how to make things happen are all part and parcel to the vast knowledge that a planner has at their fingertips. And if they don't know it, they know someone who does.

6. Organized

Weddings are all about the details. The amount of moving parts in putting together even the smallest wedding are daunting. Planners have the worksheets and the head for details to keep everything moving towards a flawless event. And it is their job to keep all those details straight, one less thing for you to stress about.

7. Experience

Most people only get married one time, so knowing what to expect and how to handle it are foreign concepts. Planners handle hundreds of events over their career. You are paying for that experience and knowledge. Have we seen it all, probably not, but we have seen most of it and that is a valuable tool that is now in your arsenal.

8. Time Management

Would you rather spend your valuable free time searching the internet, calling vendors (hoping you are asking the right questions) or possibly going down the rabbit hole of impossibility or would you rather spend that time with your future spouse making memories? A planner manages all the details so your life doesn't become consumed with wedding planning.

9. Always Prepared

Every planner I know has a little (or big) emergency box. It contains every possible thing that you can think of that you would need the day of and so many things that you wouldn't imagine. And if they don't have it, they know where to get it and get it to you in the blink of an eye. We also know exactly what to do, where to go and who to call if something happens (and 99% of the time something happens). It is our job to ensure you don't know about it (at least at that moment).

10. Stress Reliever

Like every momentous occasion, weddings are inherently stressful. Combining two families into one comes with its own set of strenuous circumstances. Your planner will help you navigate that stress and mitigate the circumstances. Are we miracle workers, no, but we come close!

You don't need to hire a full service planner to receive these benefits, most planners that I know, myself included, provide all but a couple of these to every level of service we provide. Before you discount hiring a planner due to budget, reach out, see what the cost really is and see if what they provide will help you.

Sweet I Do's is a wedding planning company located in Surprise, AZ (a suburb of Phoenix). We specialize in wedding day management (also known as day of coordination). We help you create an amazing, unique and totally "you" wedding that allows you to be in the moments making the memories, not worrying about the details. From contract review and timeline creation to day of management, set up and tear down, we're focused on ensuring our couples, their families and friends experience a stress and worry free night to remember.