10 Mistakes To Avoid Making With Your Wedding Invitations

You've been frantically searching Pinterest for amazing, fun and unique wedding invitations. You think you have found "the one" and now you need to order your stationery set. Before you hit that purchase button (and after you have received them but before you send them out) be sure you are avoiding these 10 common mistakes.

1. Not including all of the pertinent information - key items to include your names, the date, time and location (for both ceremony and reception if in different locations).

2. Not including a way to RSVP or making it way too difficult - be sure to include an RSVP card with a postage paid envelope or if you are choosing to have online RSVP's make sure the link is easy to read and simple, long hyperlinks open you up to errors and people not responding creating more work for yourself in the end.

Planner tip - only allow your guests 3-4 weeks (or whatever time is needed by your caterer/venue) to respond.

3. Not addressing the envelope to the guests you want to attend - This is the time to be very specific. Don't want children at your wedding? Specifically address the invitation to the parents, by name, only. Allowing a guest to bring a companion? Address it to your guest by name and add "and guest" - Mr. Pat Summer and Guest.

Planner tip - do not add the words "Adult only reception", "No children allowed" or any other phrasing. It will come across as passive aggressive.

4. Including registry information - asking for gifts in any form on the wedding invitation or included in the stationery set is rude. Word of mouth will work perfectly to get the information out there.

Planner tip - don't register for any honey fund or cash based gift site. Create a small registry and guests will know that you prefer cash.

5. Not spell or fact checking - check everything twice and then pass it on to a fresh set of eyes. Planner tip - read it out loud and word by word.

Planner tip - get out a calendar and touch the date to match day and date and Google search your venue for their address o Google.

6. Ordering too many invitations or not enough - you do not need an invitation for every guest, but only every address/family (as a unit). Add 10-20 extra invitations for people you may have forgotten about or if their invitation gets lost. Also, add 10-20 extra envelopes just in case you mess up the address or someone moves and the original invitation is returned.

Planner tip - keep one complete set for your photographer to use the day of.

7. Buying stamps before you know the cost of a completed invitation set - take a completed set (included the stamped response envelope) to the post office and get it weighed.

Planner tip - this is especially important if you have an unusually shaped or sized invitation set and something to consider when budgeting for your stationery.

8. Telling people what to wear - unless you are having a true black tie/white tie event, don't tell people what to wear. You can't control your guests and to be honest it isn't something to stress about. You won't remember what people wear anyway.

9. Any reference to alcohol or the lack of alcohol - telling guests that you will have a dry wedding, to BYOB or that it is a cash bar (the last two are totally against etiquette) while on the surface may seem helpful has no place on your invitation or in your invitation suite.

10. False start time - don't list a fake start time on your invitation (especially if it is just for a few guests that are "always late"). Most guests will arrive 15-30 minutes before the ceremony time. Giving a fake start time means you are penalizing the majority of your guests that will arrive on time or early and will cause issues with your venue and interfere with all of the pre-ceremony items such as pictures and final set up.

Need more information - check out our infographic on the 4 steps to creating the perfect wedding invitation!

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