Honeymoon Planning - Tips and Tricks to Plan Your PERFECT Cruise

One of the questions most newly engaged couples are asked within 5 minutes of telling someone they are engaged is – Where are you going on your honeymoon?

So much goes into planning the wedding and reception that the honeymoon and its details seem to wait until The Last Possible Minute! Then there is the mad scramble to throw stuff into the suitcase, hope you grab everything you need and you’re off.

To help out with some of this last minute fervor of packing we’re posting a few tricks and tips  for a specific type of honeymoon – the Cruise.

Cruise Tricks –

  • Check with your cruise line, but most allow you to take up to two bottles of wine/champagne in your luggage for free! Do this if you are celebrating or like to indulge in alcoholic beverages.
  • Again, check with your cruise line, but most also allow you to take a case of water or soda on board. Do this if you don’t like tap water, which is all that is free onboard the ship.

Cruise Tips –

  • Do not over pack. I know it is hard to imagine that you could over pack for a cruise, but it happens ALL OF THE TIME. Things to leave behind – beach towels (the ones on the ship are better than the one most people have at home), toiletries (unless you are a toiletry snob, or have special needs, don’t bring it – the ship has built in shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and provide razors, toothpaste and a toothbrush), dress clothes (the formal dinner nights are not really eveningwear nights, so bring nice loose clothes unless you really like to dress up) and shoes (two to three pairs at most).
  • Things to bring that may never have crossed your mind – a power bar (there is one outlet in the bathroom and one in the living space, if you are a gadget guru, bring the power), a foldable, hanging shoe holder (not for shoes, see above) but for storing all of the items you are going to insist on bringing that we told you not to (there is hardly any storage in your cabin, so bring your own).
  • Purchase sunscreen, aloe (or Noxzema) and a waterproof camera before you get on the ship. Those puppies are expensive on board.
  • The Welcome Aboard drink is not free!
  • Just like the amusement parks, there are pictures being taken all the time. They are expensive to buy, so budget your shipboard funds accordingly.
  • Keep in mind that your cruise staff especially the housekeeping staff, take care of everything you need and stuff you don’t even think of – budget in to tip them accordingly.
  • Food is available 24 hours a day, but is limited at certain times of the day and night. If you are a snacker, grab a couple of extra pieces of fruit during breakfast, but remember you can’t take them off the ship.
  • Most importantly DO NOT LOSE OR MISPLACE YOUR SHIP CARD! It is the only way you can pay for items onboard the ship.
  • Keep your passport with you when you leave the ship.
  •  If you are going to the British Virgin Islands, dress respectfully and appropriately for going into a government building. Doesn’t matter if you are snorkeling or swimming with the dolphins when you get there, wear shorts and a full shirt or they will not let you in. This applies to guys (can’t go shirtless) and girls (no bikini tops or bottoms showing and coverups aren’t enough). Personal experience speaking here!

Stay hydrated, even if you think you don’t burn wear sunscreen, hats are your friend! But most of all have FUN – you’re married, enjoy every moment.

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