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4 Things You Must Include in Your Wedding Invitations

You've got a fabulous fiancé, a gorgeous ring, a beautiful venue and the perfect date, now what? Time to choose your wedding invitations! But your wedding is not like a birthday party where you can just send one piece of paper with all the information on it and if people come great Happy Birthday!!!!, and if not oh well, more cake for me! There are 4 things that you must include in your wedding invitation set (and a couple of fun additions if your budget is a little more flexible).


1. The actual wedding invitation itself. Key information to include - your names, the date, time and location of the ceremony (and reception if at a different location).

2. The outer envelope - this should be addressed to the people that are invited to the wedding specifically. For example, if you are only inviting the adults in a family - only address the invitation to the parents  - Tom and Sally Anderson. If you are inviting a couple that aren't married yet, include, by name both people - David Jones and Anna Williams. If you are inviting someone over 18 that is allowed to bring a guest or companion indicate this by addressing it with their name and guest - Mr. John Smith and Guest. If you are inviting a family you can either address by name or by family name - Seth, Kim, Julie and Ryan Brown or The Brown Family.

3. The RSVP or response card. Key information to include - date to be returned, number of guests/seats invited, meal options (if needed), number of children's meals/dietary restrictions (if needed), line for their name. Planner tip - either number the RSVP card in pencil or black light pen to match with your guest list, just in case guests don't write their names (or you can't read the writing on the card).

4. The RSVP or response card envelope. This needs to be pre-stamped and addressed to come back to you or your wedding planner.

Bonus items - 

Directions or map card - if your location is difficult to find, the majority of your guests are from out of town or your ceremony and reception are in two different locations, you may want to consider adding this card. Planner tip - if your location is in a black hole or poor cell phone reception area consider adding a card.

Menu - if your guest list includes a number of people that have known allergies or if you are having a unique food style (all vegan, Thai, sushi stations only, etc.) you may want to consider adding a card with your menu.

Accommodations card - if you have a room block in a particularly busy location or your date is on a popular date you may want to include a card with the room block information. Planner tip - if you have a hard block (you will be charged if the block is not fully booked) or your wedding is in a location where accommodations are limited consider adding a card.

Need help with invitation wording or font selections? Check out our helpful infographics!

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