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Client Interview with Brandy Blackford, Wedding Day Management Specialist and Custom Treat Table Designer

How long have you been doing this & how did you become a Wedding Day Management Specialist & Custom Treat Table Designer?

I have been planning events for many years, since my oldest child was in middle school. I was the driving force behind a number of fundraisers, sporting events and carnivals. I was content to stay behind the scenes, bringing it all together and knowing that in the end, we had a successful event. Sweet I Do’s however, was a whole new adventure.

It all started and ended with a phone call, or, to be brutally honest, a series of phone calls. In 2009 I was a full-time corporate employee with a newborn son and a wedding to plan in two months. I lived with my phone in one ear and a bottle tucked up under my chin as I wrote down information from vendors. To keep my sanity, I developed a system of tracking information and bundling it all into useable segments. A system that has taken every event planning document, tip sheet, checklist and guideline and made it actually useful and relevant.

Even with my amazing system, translating the vision in my head into reality was a lot of work. And looking back, there were a number of moments that I did not feel like a bride. Why? I was so worried about all the details and had no one that I felt I could transfer my vision to, that I was doing it all.

 Was it worth it? Yes, especially when I received a phone call from my venue coordinators. They were amazed at what I had created, especially the unique, themed candy buffet. They could not help but tell me how impressed they were that every little detail perfectly coordinated with all the rest to tell a story. And then came an offer and a strong suggestion, something I didn't see coming - an offer to be a preferred vendor and a suggestion that I seriously consider designing as a career change. This wasn't my friends and family telling me I had done something nice, but a venue wanting to recommend me, to their clients. 6 weeks later Sweet I Do's was official and I entered the world of weddings and events.

Who do you work with exactly?

I work with clients that love life and that want to share that love with their families and friends. My clients may be corporate event planners that want to add a little something unique and fun to their annual outing, volunteer organizations that want to fulfill the dreams of a child or couples that want to make memories at their wedding.

My ideal clients love to have fun, they are whimsical and unique.

My coordination clients know what they want and know that they don’t want to have to worry about making the wedding, they want to enjoy their wedding.

My treat table clients are trend setters. They want their guests to remember their event. Hearing exclamations of wonder as adults turn into kids is the best compliment I will hear.

What really sets you apart from other Coordinators and Treat Table Designers ?

I have been there behind the scenes creating serenity from chaos. I have designed and coordinated events from birthday parties to state Winter Guard championships, wedding receptions to graduation ceremonies, baby showers to corporate outings. From initial planning to creation of the amazing vision, I’ve been there. What does this mean? I’ve seen it all and fixed most of it, and the best part, the client never knew it. That’s my secret, because I’ve been there and done that I know what it takes and have the resources to make sure that if there is anything that happens to go wrong, it gets fixed and you never know.

I am a sweet freak and I know what is up and coming in the sweet world as well as where to get the favorites from your childhood. Wax lips – got it, Civil War chocolates – have I got a source for you! Asking the right questions to ensure that your treat station satisfies all of your sweet cravings and is a beautiful addition to any event is the secret to my success.

Will I lose control of my event?

Absolutely not! We are there to assist you in implementing the decisions that you have made. We take care of the details, the coordination, the organization so that you and your family can relax and enjoy making moments. Our ultimate goal is to make your event a moment in your life, not another day where you are putting all of the pieces together, so focused on the details that you miss the memories.

Will you work with the vendors and decisions that I have already made?

Of course! We love meeting new vendors and reconnecting with vendors that we have worked with in the past. If you need a recommendation for a specific vendor, we have a network of tried and trusted vendors that have the same vision for your event that we have – total success. Ultimately, your event is your event, we are your supporting cast, assisting you to shine on your brightest day. If you have questions, or need advice, we are there, but in the end, the decisions are yours to make.

Are your services and products affordable?

Yes! We have coordination packages starting at $750.00 and treat stations that start at $3.25 per person. The cost for coordination packages depends on the level of planning that you need and the cost for our treat stations vary depending on the type of treats selected and the amount of customization you are looking to have. We have loads of offerings and are always happy to work with our clients to create exactly their vision.

Who do you work best with? What is expected of me?

Our coordination packages are created to work best with clients that have clear budgets, firm priorities and visions of events that are outside the cookie-cutter norm. Our treat stations are created for people who are serious about fun, want their guests to participate and anticipate the treat table and are looking for a way to showcase a unique and personal part of themselves.

Being a highly detailed person, I work best with people who respect deadlines, have clear communication skills and value my time as much as I value theirs.



I consider myself highly skilled in working and communicating with various personality types. That being said, there are a few, very few people who I cannot work with effectively. Someone who is verbally abusive, skeptical, or blatantly challenging every step of the way is not my client. These clients are draining and truly don’t want help from someone else, they are just looking for a scapegoat. I also regrettably, cannot work with someone who is eternally indecisive or has difficulties with responsibilities and deadlines. My skills can only take a client so far along the path, in the end the destination has to be theirs.

Do you take credit cards? Do you have payment plans?

Yes. We happily accept all major credit cards. That’s how we do most of our business. Our policy is to require a 50% non-refundable retainer with the remaining 50% balance due no later than 30 days prior to your event. How that remaining balance is paid is discussed at the time of contract signing and is flexible.





Okay, I’m ready. But, I do have a couple more questions before getting started…can I contact you to discuss this further?

Yes, of course. Just email me at or call me directly at 623-242-4442 and we’ll setup a complimentary get acquainted consultation to discuss where you are in your planning and see if I can help!

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